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Health And Fitness Tips For Beginners

Are you feeling heavy? Especially in times of stress it can happen to accumulate a few extra pounds: the food becomes an emotional vent or a stopgap and then it becomes more difficult to counter the abyss of hunger that suddenly takes over.

Knowing how to face the day calmly has a considerable psychological and physical impact, but sometimes it is a very difficult achievement. Moreover, due to the haste and lack of time, we often risk ending up on ready-made foods or tasty snacks with a high calorie content… and very low levels of nutrients!

Here’s how to find your shape and smile thanks to a strategic diet and exercises to do at home.

Slimming exercises

You want to enrol in that dance course, or you’ve been saying for years that you want to start running… but you haven’t done it yet, have you?

The truth is that good intentions are not enough and, on the contrary, they often become an alibi for postponement.

Take advantage of the time you have and the space you’re in, that’s the first rule. Physical activity begins to produce benefits and burn fat from 12-15 minutes after the start of the exercise: your heart rate becomes higher and your body starts to move.

Have you ever considered running on the spot? We often forget that running on site can be done anywhere and anytime, even when it’s raining outside!

Running on the spot: the benefits

Not only on the treadmill, but also at home, for example on a soft carpet or a padded surface.

Running it on the spot moves many muscle groups that the body moves during an outdoor jogging workout: you can schedule an alarm clock and take fifteen minutes of exercise into account.

Move your arms vigorously along your hips, swinging them and keeping your knees high, you’ll improve the effectiveness of your training by allowing your muscles to work harder. This technique is also used in some active meditations and will allow you to train 2-3 times a week in all weather conditions.

You can add weights to your ankles and arms to help tone your muscles and burn calories.

Before you start and once you have finished running on the spot, remember to include a moment dedicated to stretching in your training session, which will help to loosen up your muscles and reduce tension.

How to train at home

Often underestimated, regular stretching gives you more flexibility, fights posture errors and helps you turn your body into an ally, at any age.

Find time every day for 5 minutes to stretch: before going to sleep is essential otherwise we risk falling asleep taking with us the accumulated tensions at the muscle level and, day after day, chronicize the problems related to contractures.

How about adding some exercises for the abdominals? Follow the principles of high-intensity training. Instead of counting the number of exercises performed, use a chronometer: it will allow you to give your maximum considering a shorter time interval; from a psychological point of view this mode stimulates you to achieve higher performance, aware that the time to be devoted to the execution is shorter.

Smart Workout Tricks at Home

The tendency to procrastinate is your number one enemy. Use the time you have, no matter if it’s a few minutes. Our mind is more difficult to convince when it comes to having to carve out an hour, but the idea of a quarter of an hour has a very different effect, doesn’t it?

Start counting this time: you can write it down on a diary or mark the time you spent training in red on the calendar. With time it will help you to make a commitment to yourself and to the gratification you will add the sense of a path that develops over time.

Moreover, thanks to endorphins, the effect of physical exercise is that of a real wave of well-being, a natural drug that makes you feel better, in your body and mind.

At first it is likely that you do it out of a sense of duty: this is the phase in which you clench your teeth and have patience. After this first phase, fatigue will be replaced by the pleasure of devoting time to yourself and perceiving a lighter, more active, stronger body.

Studies show that alternating different speeds allows you to burn more calories: listen to your body and follow the rhythm. When you can speed up, then slow down. You will find that this mechanism not only improves performance at a sports level, but is also a mental training, because it trains you to endure fatigue, stimulates you to overcome your limits and know that you can face the difficulty of fatigue.