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Run And Burn The Extra Fat

Here you will find 4 Tips for Burning More Fat While Running and Losing Weight while Running.

But first of all, I want to point out two fundamental aspects:

The first aspect of the is that running is the right sport to lose weight is one of the sports where you burn more calories than ever for every hour of running.

Think that we can get to burn our weight in calories for miles covered.

So if I weigh 70 kg and run for 10 km I can burn up to 700 calories and more it means that these 700 calories are equivalent to two hectograms of pasta.

So don’t underestimate this immense power of running

Without leaving aside the machines, bars and handlebars, we can burn fat in the gym even adding some exercises to our training. The most effective are:

1. Running

The famous treadmill can help us achieve the goal of losing weight. And not only that, it also strengthens the muscles and joints of the legs, reduces stress, improves cardiorespiratory health and allows us to recover energy.

Although it is true that there is nothing better than running outdoors, in the gym we can emulate the movements of the race thanks to this car. Start with a walk, then a light trot and finally run at a higher speed. Run for at least 20 minutes.


High intensity interval training (or HIIT in English) is another effective way to burn fat in the gym. Many gyms offer it as an “optional course” and it is increasingly fashionable. Sessions only last 30 minutes, but are quite demanding and increase metabolism for 24 hours.

HIIT can be added to any cardio workout or even weightlifting. The exercises are many: burpees, squats with jumps, jumping jacks, knees to the chest, sprints … depends on the imagination of the trainer!

3. Bike

Another tool usually forgotten by those who devote themselves to wellness: the bike, brings many benefits, similar to those obtained with the road bike. If you want to lose weight, add 30 minutes of cycling to your training … and in a few weeks you will notice the results.

And not only that, as it will also improve your physical endurance, it will strengthen your knees and bring more oxygen to your body. We recommend that you start slowly, and slowly increase your speed.